How to play is a multiplayer fidget spinner game.

The goal of the game is to gain more RPM (Rounds per minute) or rotation speed by collecting gems which also implicates grow of your spinner to a limited range (Rotation speed is not limited).

Gems are marked as gray dots on your game radar which is positioned on the right bottom side of your screen.

Areas with more gems are populated with more gray dots.

At the start of the game you should try to avoid facing strong opponents with high score difference to you.

If you notice any stronger enemies following you, accelerate your spinner by pressing the left mouse button or tapping on the screen (On your smartphone) and move away.
Magnetic holes, which are marked as blue dots on your game radar, are a good mechanism for escaping.

The magnetic force provides you with high movement speed temporarily.
This can also be used to collect many gems in a very short period of time by moving over them and making circles or curves.

Move to areas with a high concentration of gems to score faster.

In fights you and your opponent lose gems based on your score difference that are thrown on the map.

Try to be fast, accelerate your spinner and collect these gems before your enemy does.
That way you can win a fight and get a higher score very fast.